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California Law Criminalizes Teaching Trade Skills

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In 2009 California passed the Private Postsecondary Education Act, which forced PCHS and other schools to require that prospective students possess a high school diploma—or pass an equivalent government-approved exam—before they can enroll in a private trade school. The state calls it an “ability to benefit” prerequisite.

You might wonder why any Government would want to prevent their citizens from gaining a skill that might make them productive citizens. I’m guessing in California’s case it has something to do with the teachers unions who benefit from making people use their “education” system.

This prerequisite was never enforced against PCHS until earlier this year, when California regulators threatened to shut down PCHS if Bob didn’t start turning away any student who did not meet the state’s prerequisite education requirements.

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  • Public sector unions, especially teachers unions, and police unions, are the worst thing to ever happen to this country. We have lost to the communists.

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