Avakian is a communist in America from the “good old days” of protest. One of the original SDS (students for a democratic society) members and leaders, he’s been trying to stir up trouble for many decades. And he’s made a living at it and continues to do so. Like the SDS, he advocates action over words, and for all practical purposes, he can be called the inspiration for the Antifa movement. Reading this article it’s fun to see where his “supporters” don’t think he’s radical enough.

One of the more bizarre things about the 487s is that they aren’t a secretive group. They actually advertise their tactics and locations for everyone to see. When the law enforcement folks aren’t prepared, don’t always assume it’s because they were surprised.

Aiken County in South Carolina is an example of something that is happening in non-487 counties. An older county in SC that still has a majority of good folks, the northern migration to the south is changing it’s culture. The liberals organize and vote, so even though the county went strongly for Trump, the city and state politics are incredibly liberal.

Identity politics is the real racism, misogyny and xenophobia. The very notion that people can be judged on their actions is anathema to the left. I didn’t like Obama because of his actions as President, not because he was black. I don’t like Susan Rice because of her actions, not because she is a woman. The left are the real racists, misogynists and xenophobes.

I found this one and immediately thought, where have I seen this map before! The transition to 487 counties in a lot of places in the south has been a result of 487s moving down from up north. If you’ve “lost” your county, we're sad for you. If you haven’t lost it yet, it’s time to get active in local politics to try and prevent it.

We were at a gun show when word broke of this terrible shooting. Like everyone else, we were disheartened. Very quickly, the conversation started on what kind of evil people do this. It was Tennessee, after all. My first thought was to check the map. Nashville is a 487 county and as the story unfolded about how folks had to go to their car to get their guns, I understood. 487 is harmful to life.