Our escalating tensions with North Korea are harming South Korea financially. As we put pressure on South Korea to install the THAAD systems, we have alienated China, who sees the missiles as a threat to them. South Korea paid for that decision when China imposed all sorts of sanctions on imports from South Korea. Perhaps South Korea will decide that our presence isn’t worth it any more.(0 comment)

Capitalism usually works, but the consequences aren’t always what we want. We’ve been putting pressure on China, India and Pakistan to crack down on the fake and duplicated drug trade. Some of the drugs are truly fake, others are overruns from factories that actually produce them and are sold “on the side”. We’ve actually achieved success with these three countries in stemming the flow. Those who make them haven’t stopped though. They’ve merely moved production someplace else.(0 comment)

The young prince and chosen future king of Saudi Arabia might be smarter than many give him credit for. For decades Saudi Arabia has used its wealth to try and change the Middle East. It’s cost them their wealth. It looks like he’s consolidating power and cutting back on the meddling. The US and Russia have colluded to help influence him.(0 comment)

We’re being ripped off by the deep state. We’re paying trillions of dollars for our military and putting both our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines at risk as well as putting our country in harm’s way. Roberts puts together some amazing information today. Click and read the links. What he’s saying isn’t opinion. The information is actually knowledge from many sources. This one is very sobering.(0 comment)

A few months ago, as Syria started to achieve success against ISIS, there was a story going around that the US had actually rescued ISIS leaders and their families and transported them to safety. I kept an eye on the story because it sounded like something that we would do, but found little to support or dispel the story. Well, today the BBC dropped the bombshell that it was a true story. This should both enlighten and disgust you. "John al-McCain" should be having a bad day.(0 comment)

At the end of the day, our two allies in the Middle East continue to drag us into more trouble in the region. Much like us, the “rulers” in the Middle East are scared of losing their power. In our case, it’s the fear of losing money. In their case it’s the fear of losing their religious power. Most westerners just can’t grasp the concept of the mutual hatred between Shia, Sunnis, Wahabism, and Persians. But it’s real and it is the root of the problems in the region. They will do what it takes to protect their interests. We don’t have to indulge them.(0 comment)

This is older news that you may have missed. The “bookkeeper” of Al Qaeda opened up with all sorts of interesting revelations at his trial. Most of his revelations never made the media because they revealed funding sources that were our “allies”. In light of the recent problems in Saudi Arabia, this is a very good repost to open up people’s eyes.(0 comment)

The swamp’s war on us continues. This will get uglier as we get closer to the Alabama election. Just as they misread the anger of the masses that voted for Trump, they misread the reactions of the people of Alabama. Alabama voters have known Judge Moore for decades. They repeatedly voted him into various offices. They aren’t stupid, and see these attacks for exactly what they are. Now that the swamp has declared war, they can’t back off. They will continue to find new allegations, right up to election day. Sadly for them, in their haste to find more allegations, the prep work isn’t very good. Too many mistakes. The author of the attached article is a lawyer who is actually analyzing what’s going on from a skeptical and objective standpoint. Today’s analysis is a must read. (0 comment)

I don’t believe in coincidence most days. When the bloodsport of politics is involved, I NEVER believe in coincidence. The recent debacle regarding Judge Moore of Alabama should be making your internal bells and whistles explode. After a career in politics to include many state wide races, we’re being led to believe that suddenly new evidence has emerged that Judge Moore is a child abuser. Stretches credibility a lot, but within mere hours the Republicans, not the Democrats come out with statements that are so identical that they could only be scripted and coordinated. The odds of them saying the same thing throughout the day boggles the mind. Within 72 hours, This isn’t about Judge Moore. This is an orchestrated effort on the part of the swamp to punish those who support Steve Bannon in his efforts to drain the swamp. With a mere few million dollars, Bannon and folks like us defeated the swamp’s candidate Luther Strange. Strange was supported with over $32 million from the like of the NRA, the US Chamber of Commerce and the Republican Senatorial Committee. Based on the success of we the people, led by Steve Bannon, we quickly saw swamp creatures like Jeff Flake, Bob Corker and others decide not to run for reelection. Beating the swamp looked doable. Morale on our part was high. They say that a cornered rat is the most dangerous. The swamp is in trouble and they know it. They have never forgiven we the people for ignoring their “brilliant and chosen” candidates and electing President Trump. They figured they could wait him out and hoped for a one term president. They we continued our efforts to vote in our interests. It had to stop. In some regards, I’m actually impressed that they organized and agreed to take this major risk. This is much like a poker tournament where you go “all-in”. This is a game changing risk for them. If they succeed, they’ve taken down a Bannon candidate. It will help to demoralize we the people. It certainly will scare potential candidates from running against the base. How many people will want to risk losing their reputations, enduring baseless attacks against themselves and their families? If they fail, it will cause major damage to the swamp. Whoever orchestrated this attack will be politically shunned. The swamp needs to lose this battle. This is the bloodsport of the swamp versus we the people. We can’t take our eyes off the prize. America is worth saving.(0 comment)