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Where the Left Learns and Trains – Revolution Books

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Revolution Books in Berkeley Is the grandfather of the training camp for the left. A liberal institution since 1975, the Berkeley store is the original store, with new Revolution Books stores opening around the country. I’ll let the readers figure out where the stores are!

Many Americans are fired up in a bad way about Trump getting elected, and the Revolutionary Communist Party, aka RevCom, founded in 1975 by UC Berkeley grad and party chairman Bob Avakian, are particularly vocal about it. A stroll by Revolution Books, in the alleyway just west of Telegraph, between Durant Avenue and Channing Way, will tell you as much. Outside the store sits a signboard with a large poster of Trump in a KKK cap, complete with Hitler-stache—an image made all the more sinister by the gloom of the dark, rainy skies that have been drowning the Bay in the wake of the election. “MEIN TRUMPF,” it reads below his scowling pumpkin-colored face, “A Thoroughly American Fascist Pig.” Below that, a flyer states: “WE REFUSE TO ACCEPT A FACIST AMERICA.”

Wondering if they’d tell me how they really feel about the president-elect, I met up with RevCom spokesperson Raphael Kadaris and Berkeley store manager Reiko Redmonde to ask what’s next for the party now that we’re ushering in the era of The Donald as leader of the “free world.” Read more here.