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Massachusetts to remove state’s only Confederate memorial

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Obviously I have no expectation that a 487 city, county or state would ever do anything that could be construed as a good thing, sometimes they do things that go way beyond common sense. Or for that matter with respect for humankind.

I don’t understand the attacks on memorials on an intellectual level at all. I do understand that it’s all being done on an emotional, feel good level that liberals hope get them reelected.

I can’t imagine though why anyone feels that the memorial to dead regular, average soldiers is offensive. Heck from the liberal perspective, they should be happy that they died.

Before this latest “craze” how many people even realized that there were POW camps in Boston? How many people have any idea how their government treated these POWs? How did they die in these camps?

This memorial movement goes beyond silliness and crosses over into heartlessness. Remember the military motto right now, “we’ll never forget” in regards to 911. It needs to be modified to, “we’ll never forget until the time where folks decide they didn’t like the cause”.
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