North Korea still digging up U.S. bombs 64 years after the war

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Wars don’t always end on the day that the fighting stops. The legacy of wars since WW I is the lingering effects of our more sophisticated bombs, mortars and mines have decades later.

Most of us see the war movies and think that everything that is used blows up when it hits the target. The reality is that they often don’t go off when they are first used, and they explode many years later.

I lost a friend in the first Gulf War when he drove over a US cluster bomb that didn’t go off when it was dropped on a bombing raid. Germany reports that there are “tens of thousands” of unexploded Allied aerial bombs from WWII lurking underground.

In North Korea, we dropped more bombs during that three year war than we had dropped in the entire Pacific Theater during WWII. North Korea is still paying the price. Read more here.