NRA Refuses to Score Alabama’s Senate Race – Won’t Rate Moore or Jones

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For anyone who still believes that the NRA is a strong advocate of your gun rights, the Alabama race for Senate should dissuade you of those beliefs.

The NRA spent millions of dollars to get the swamps candidate (Luther Strange) elected. The spent over $1 million in the last week alone. They ran ads claiming that Judge Moore couldn’t be trusted on the 2nd Amendment.

Now then, people can say lots of things about Judge Moore, but not knowing or being trusted on the Constitution isn’t one of them. He’s probably one of the few candidates that can quote the 2nd amendment verbatim.

If anyone doesn’t believe that there is a difference between Judge Moore and his opponent regarding our gun rights, they are deluded.

The NRA exists as a fund raising organization, and needs the swamp to protect their rice bowl. The last thing they want is for real gun rights to pass the House, Senate and President.