More odd things about Las Vegas shooting

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These folks are not “conspiracy folks”. In fact, they are some of the more reasoned folks on the web. When they see flaws, it’s time to pay attention.

Yesterday I expressed how strange I found it that Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas mass murderer, left such a small footprint, Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was a Nowhere Man.

I didn’t say he left no footprint, but given how quickly information has become available about prior shooters and bombers, it was very strange. And it still is.

As of this writing, there’s no public information reported that sheds much light on what in his background would have enabled him to pull off such a sophisticated operation, or why.

It’s the sophistication of the operation that also troubles me. The quantity of weapons, the use of a room that had a perfect vantage point, and the use of so-called “bump stocks” all demonstrate that this was not your typical mass shooting. Read more here.