I don’t think it should be against the law to “lie” to the FBI or any other law enforcement agency. If they can lie to us, it should be legal to lie to them. We’ve witnessed many people go to prison for lying. For almost three decades we’ve watched Hillary Clinton being investigated, all to no avail. Anyone who hasn’t paid attention to these investigations is stupid, particularly if they are a public figure. Her defenses over the years are perfect. “I don’t recall” should be the answer to every law enforcement inquiry. How can they argue that you do in fact “recall”? In 2017 it should be impossible for any thinking person to be charged with lying to the police.

Three of President Trumps most effective cabinet heads are Scott Pruitt (EPA), Rex Tillerson (State) and Jeff Sessions (Justice). Pruitt gets lots of media attention and is vilified by the left. Tillerson and Sessions are subjects of constant media attention that claims that they are hated by Trump and are on the way out. If you take the time to read foreign newspapers, Tillerson has run up lots of frequent flier miles since he has gotten in office. He seems to show up all over the world in hot spots and danger areas to actually talk to friends, potential friends and enemies. It’s almost like a plan by Trump to make the media think they are hated to take pressure off of them. Either way, it’s working well.(1 comment)

The war in Syria was originally orchestrated by Saudi Arabia and their ally Israel. Both got the US to get involved to. Saudi Arabia is the only one of the three that realizes that they lost. The US still has forces on the ground there and Israel still uses their air force to conduct raids. When we got caught in the war, we used the excuse of “ISIS”. Well, ISIS is destroyed now, yet we’re still there and still arming forces.

I think I’ve been consistent on the “sex” scandals that seem to be gripping America. I break it down into three categories. First is forced sex. I include minors in this one, but I mean real physical force. It’s always wrong and there is no excuse. Second is adult sex where people willingly engage in it because they decide that the pros outnumber the cons. I put most workplace complaints in this category. Finally, I put government officials in a third category. If you want to pay for sex, do it with your own money, not the taxpayers money. Pam Anderson nails it in this interview.

In a showdown that demonstrated the destructive power of ISIS-aligned suicide bombers, a tank manned by Iraqi Shia fighters appeared to trigger a massive explosion when it pointed its muzzle at a rickety pickup truck packed to the brim with explosives. First, militia soldiers try to stop the truck with small-arms fire. Then the truck, presumably driven by ISIS fighters, advances toward the tank. Then suddenly, there’s a massive explosion. Debris flies everywhere, hitting the tank and a combat infantry vehicle, and narrowly missing a group of fighters on the ground.

For anyone who still believes that the NRA is a strong advocate of your gun rights, the Alabama race for Senate should dissuade you of those beliefs. The NRA spent millions of dollars to get the swamps candidate (Luther Strange) elected. The spent over $1 million in the last week alone. They ran ads claiming that Judge Moore couldn’t be trusted on the 2nd Amendment. Now then, people can say lots of things about Judge Moore, but not knowing or being trusted on the Constitution isn’t one of them. He’s probably one of the few candidates that can quote the 2nd amendment verbatim. If anyone doesn’t believe that there is a difference between Judge Moore and his opponent regarding our gun rights, they are deluded. The NRA exists as a fund raising organization, and needs the swamp to protect their rice bowl. The last thing they want is for real gun rights to pass the House, Senate and President.

Like most of us, I’ve been confused with the whole “net neutrality” argument. Like so much else in the political arena, there have been cries of Armageddon from both sides of the argument if the other side has it’s way. As is always the case, this is about using government to create winners and losers. Of course, nowhere in the equation are we the people considered in one of the winners arguments. This is a very good analysis. My conclusion: When in doubt, err on the side of supporting innovation.

Because of her Twitter fights with Donald Trump, much attention has been focused for the past year on Elizabeth Warren’s claim, while climbing the law school ladder to Harvard, to be Native American. I addressed this recently in It’s time for Elizabeth Warren to apologize for her Native American deception. Warren’s claim to be Native American for employment purposes is not the only scandal that has surrounded her academic career. At ElizabethWarrenWiki.org we documented Warren’s Academic Research Controversies. Warren rose to academic stardom on the basis of her consumer-related research and writings. It was her claim to fame both academically and in the popular press. Warren’s 2004 book, The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Parents are Going Broke, co-authored with her daughter, put Warren squarely on the public radar as a consumer protection hero. Yet Warren’s academic research even before that book has come under withering criticism, as mentioned in our 2012 post, The Vetting of Elizabeth Warren’s Academic Background Begins. That post details a withering attack on Warren’s academic research by Professor Philip Shuchman in the 1990-1991 edition of the Rutgers Law Review

The “fight” over who gets to choose the leader of the CFPB should be over soon. The best part of this struggle for “we the people” is that we get to learn how evil the Democrats were in creating this organization. They completely circumvented the constitution and insured that this agency could never be controlled by either the Executive or Legislative branches! Amazingly, the Judicial branch agreed that this structure was unconstitutional in 2016 and “fixed” it by ruling that this Executive branch agency was in fact controlled by the Executive branch. Democrats disagree. Here is a very good cradle to grave analysis of the agency. For those who don’t want to read the whole thing, just know that this agency is the brainchild of Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren.