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Removal of Confederate Monuments Costing U.S. Cities Millions

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Budgets of City governments are tight everywhere. Where we live, they do fundraising donations for dog and cat food for the animal shelter. And folks don’t mind helping out.

487s waste their money on stuff that makes the ruling classes “feel good” but don’t make their city any better or financially better off. We post the 487 map, but there are usually some “tippers” that a place is a 487.

Taking down memorials is a common tipper, but there are many others. Look and see if they have a very expensive and underused mass transit program. A 487 has really evolved when they are funding a light rail line that is never used or never even completed!

A garbage recycling program is another good sign of 487 land, as is a fleet of government vehicles that are all green.

Quite frankly as long as they are only spending local money I don’t care how much they waste. We need to keep after our politicians to make sure they aren’t getting our federal tax dollars to fund this stuff. Read more here.