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You’re Not One of Us, so Shut Up

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A police chief’s daughter in Bucks County Pennsylvania got drunk with a group of her friends and went on a gay bashing event that resulted in beating two gay individuals merely for being gay.

The daughter and others were charged.

A local person started a parody web site that made fun of the Chief’s daughter. All of this is a different county within the state of PA. Chief goes to the local District Attorney and before you know it, the District Attorney dispatches detectives to the workplace of the woman who started the web page. They get her fired and threaten to charge her with crimes if she doesn’t stop her web site.

She finds a lawyer and sues. Pennsylvania courts rule that the detectives and the DA have qualified immunity which means she can’t sue them.

US District Court rules that you cannot use your office to perform prior restraint on the 1st Amendment.

A victory for freedom. Read more here.