What, the Government has two standards? Do as we say but not as we do? Credit monitoring is an interesting challenge. We all voluntarily offer up our private information. Look at the fine print of all the things you sign up for (electricity, credit cards, you name it.) For the most part, though there is no market solution other than not using the service you are singing up for. I’m not sure what the solution is.

This decision caused the blogosphere to go crazy. This is a perfect example of turning information into knowledge. The court ruled correctly. Read the ruling, not the editorial reporting in the media. Ultimately we all want those who cause harm to be punished, not some faceless group. We all get made at the EPA for example, but the EPA didn’t do it, some real person did it.(1 comment)

There is a saying that the only constant in life is change. The US used to value innovation. We no longer lead the world in innovation. As our deep state got larger, the sheer inertia of moving large corporations into change has caused us to protect the old instead of looking for the new. China is embracing change and rewarding innovation. Government can create a culture of innovation often by just getting out of the way.

My earlier post on the NFL’s stupid decision to offend its customers tried to figure out why the owners made such a stupid decision to offend the customer base. I suggested a couple of possible reasons. I left out one of them. In America we have a large number of socialist millionaire and billionaires. Maybe the owners have slid over to the socialist side and think that they are better and smarter than their customers. (1 comment)

I’m stunned. A US General who actually speaks with reason. “He said that if the U.S. were to withdrawal without first finding Iran in material breach of the deal, allies would likely question other American treaty obligations. And North Korea, for its part, would have little incentive to enter into talks over its own nuclear program if Washington were to tear up an agreement that, by all accounts, Iran is adhering to.”

American policy in Syria has always been bizarre. Israel and Saudi Arabia (two of our claimed allies) wanted Assad gone. We trained and armed (at great expense to we the taxpayers) opposition groups that gravitated to ISIS. We sent ground military forces there to train opposition groups. The CIA did the same. CIA forces engaged in direct combat with US Army forces. It’s a mess. A mess caused by us acting as a “for hire” military for our allies.