Facebook should be investigated for its role in the illegal Kiev coup of 2014

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The Kiev coup was one of the most transparent coups in US history. Leaked emails showed our callousness. No one who can read or think can question what we did. What no one seems to want to talk about is why we did it and who we decided was better for them. Boggles the mind.

One of the great problems surrounding Facebook is that the wider public, the political elite and Facebook’s own corporate regime, do not know whether Facebook is a telecommunications tool or an ideological private sector platform, albeit one with close connections to the public sector.
In a just world, Facebook would be run and regulated like a telecom organisation, a mere technical conduit which connects individuals, no different than the phone companies of the 1950s. Read more here.

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  • All thanks to “Barack the Chosen WON.” Lord have mercy, he has made an evil indelible stain upon the entire world.

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