NFL Team Owners Stupid Mistake Revisited

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My earlier post on the NFL’s stupid decision to offend its customers tried to figure out why the owners made such a stupid decision to offend the customer base. I suggested a couple of possible reasons. I left out one of them. In America we have a large number of socialist millionaire and billionaires. Maybe the owners have slid over to the socialist side and think that they are better and smarter than their customers.

Why are so many rich people liberals?

This is a good question considering that socialism is geared toward attacking “the rich” and maligning the accumulation of private wealth.

Yet today in America, the majority of rich people statistically are not Republicans but are liberal Democrats, many of them on the far left. They live in places like New York and Hollywood and San Francisco and Chicago and Silicon Valley, hardly the home turf of conservatism. Most of the richest congressional districts are represented by Democrats. Many of the richest people in the US congress are liberals.

And the three richest men in America – Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison – all are liberals. Read more here.

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  • Because they are rich and want to stay that way. They do not want the dirt people to elevate themselves up to their level.

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