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What the 487 means, and why it’s important

What the 487 means, and why it’s important
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487 Mondays: As we see all of the protests and other civil unrest in America, it’s easy to think that it’s a groundswell of outrage. Knowledge takes us beyond that mere information!

Ever since the 2016 election, we’ve seen an increase in violence in America. The media would have you believe that this a country wide, groundswell of discontent. Many good folks are getting scared. Well, the good news is that the bad news is more “fake news”! I’ve been studying the violence and tracking it on a map. The map I’m using is the one that shows which counties Hillary won and which Trump won.

It’s happening in one of the 487 counties that Hillary Clinton won in 2016! The protesters know that they are breaking laws in a community where the local politicians and police are “protestor friendly”.

I wasn’t surprised to see that virtually 100% of these protests and violence was happening in one of the 487 counties that Hillary won! Other than the sheer logistics of being in those counties, I believe that the real reason for their doing these protests in 487 counties is because they own the entire political spectrum in those counties. The own the government, the police and the sheriff. They know that they can protest with little fear of being punished.

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  • I was wondering where the term ‘487’ came from. Thanks for the explanation.

  • You were right as rain Wirecutter. This looks like a good site. To the Knowledge Dude, please keep up the good work, and Thank You for the “487” explanation.

    • Author

      It was an idea when all the protests started up. I just couldn’t believe that there was this nationwide insurrection. And then I noticed that they were all in kind of the same places. Fun to watch, but a good warning to us normal folks that they aren’t places where we really want to be.

  • VERY astute. If only the media would talk about that, violent protests like that would end very quickly.

    • Author

      They won’t because they are 487 training camps. I think it helps the moral of the rest of us to realize where they are and how to avoid them. It if kind of funny to watch them crap where they sleep and destroy their own stuff.

  • Very interesting. Where can I get a list of those 487 counties?

    • Author

      The link next to picture will take you to the web site. You’ll be able look at every county in the state. We’ve also looked at the various states and looked at travel routes. For example, Atlanta, Ga, all the way through Alabama on I-20 is all 487!

  • I like your website & thanks to the dude at Knuckledraggin for the link. I’ll help spread your link around to my other fav sites.

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