An extraordinary event triggered the Mr. Bolton’s reaction. It has been reported that the ICC chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, is seeking approval to investigate allegations of war crimes in Afghanistan, including possible torture by US forces and the CIA. In a statement on the ICC website, Ms Bensouda said the prosecutor’s office believed an investigation was required owing to “the gravity of the acts committed . . . and the absence of relevant national proceedings against those who appear to be most responsible for the most serious crimes within this situation”. The move is likely to provoke anger in Washington and the Bolton’s article is just the first salvo.

The mother of all conspiracy theories over the years has been the JFK assassination. I’d guess that between Roswell and JFK, it would be a toss up on all of the books, movies, and conspiracy arguments. Many found the Warren Commission report to be incomplete at best. When a plethora of documents were “sealed” the theories just went viral. We’re coming up on the end of the waiting. 3000+ never seen documents and over 30,000 partially released documents from the FBI, CIA and Department of Justice are set to be released. The CIA is calling for delaying the release for another 25 years. The very fact that they want to delay it should be the argument for releasing them.