The “hate words” from the left change regularly. Islamophobe, homophobe, racist, nazi, you name it. They seem to change regularly because none of them stick to those they wish to denigrate. The latest is white nationalism. Some of the reasons why the names have to change is because they get so overused that they become parodies of what they are trying to accomplish. Although Nazi sounded like a bad thing in the beginning, when everything and everyone you disagreed with became a Nazi, it became meaningless. Sort of like racist. The vast majority of people aren’t racist. The left even went so far in defending the racist mantra that they came up with a new philosophy that said that the very fact that you don’t recognize that you are a racist makes you a racist. Sometimes, you have to agree that some things are always bad. When the left can claim that communism isn’t bad and merely a function of white nationalism, we’re in trouble.

St. Louis, Missouri is a 487 County, so little of what they do politically is too much of a surprise. Like many cities with failing public schools, St. Louis has created Magnet Schools, Charter Schools and other alternatives. While the argument is that they are making better choices, in reality most of these “better” schools are designed to keep parents from pulling good kids out of the public school systems. If they can keep them, then scores overall go up and it creates the illusion that progress is being made. Well, imagine one families surprise to discover that only white children are allowed in these alternative schools! Yes, this very liberal city is denying the opportunity for a child to get an education based on his skin color!(1 comment)