HUGE CAVEAT: This is satire. No claims to knowledge here! A little levity to make fun of some of the stupidity of our self proclaimed leaders. The governments of Venezuela and North Korea came out today offering asylum to those oppressed NFL players who refuse to stand for the National Anthem. "We understand how oppressive that song can be and if you accept our offer, you will never have to hear it again," said a joint spokesperson. "We would also invite them to deposit their funds in our banks and invest in our countries. It would be worthwhile."(1 comment)

I’m loving watching the NFL disintegrate before my eyes. Professional sports in my lifetime has followed the same path that teachers, cops and the military have. Once you increase the salaries, you end up getting some employees who are in it for the money, not for the love of the vocation. Teachers used to be respected. Salaries were low and you really had to want to be a teacher to do it. Now with increased compensation, folks choose the career for the money and benefits. You see this transition over and over again in many career fields. When I was a kid, NFL players had real jobs in the off-season. People respected their skills on the field, not their social conscience. The funny thing is that I don’t miss them.

Never thought I would support Puff Daddy! He actually kind of understands how business works. If you don’t like the rules of your employer, start your own business and make up the rules that you want. Of course there is no guarantee of success when you start the business. Your ideas and ideals have to resonante with your customers. Get enough customers and you’ll be able to get advertisers and others who will support your venture. The NFL has 32 teams. One of them is publicly owned. Of the other 31, 30 of them are billionaires. Puff Daddy is worth $800 million, so he doesn’t have the net worth of even one of the team’s owners. Player salaries in the NFL alone amount to just under $5 BILLION dollars in 2016! That doesn’t count the other costs of running a team. $5 BILLION! Think about that when you hear their “players are slave” arguments. I wish Puff Daddy the best of luck.