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California Cities Sue Oil Companies over Climate Change

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Not to hammer home the hypocrisy of California (a redundancy of course) but California has almost 50,000 oil/gas wells that they love to make money on and 18 oil refineries, refining 2 million barrels a day! Most are in Los Angeles and San Francisco!

City attorneys in San Francisco and Oakland, California, sued five oil companies in two coordinated lawsuits on Tuesday, arguing that the courts should hold these companies responsible for climate change, and force them to financially compensate the cities for harm the plaintiffs claim those companies are causing to the planet’s environment.

The two cities are suing five of the top petroleum companies from around the world: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobile, and Royal Dutch Shell. These local municipalities are suing them under California law for being a public nuisance. Read more here.

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