What the 487 means, and why it’s important
Click here for more detailed info. 487 Mondays: As we see all of the protests and other civil unrest in America, it’s easy to think that it’s a groundswell of outrage. Knowledge takes us beyond that mere information! Ever since the 2016 election, we’ve seen an increase in violence in America. The media would have… (9 comments)

This is a tale of FBI power misused and presidential trust misplaced. Last week, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump's confidant on matters pertaining to national security from June 2015 to February 2017 and his short-lived national security adviser in the White House, pleaded guilty in federal court in Washington, D.C., to a single count of lying to the FBI. Under the terms of his plea agreement, Flynn, who had faced nearly 60 years in federal prison had he been convicted of charges related to all the matters about which there is said to be credible evidence of his guilt, will now face six months. What could have caused Robert Mueller, the no-nonsense special counsel investigating whether any Americans aided the Russian government in its now well-known interference in the 2016 American presidential election, to have given Flynn such an extraordinary deal? Here is the back story.

The orchestrated hostility toward Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea protects the $1,000 billion annual budget of the military/security complex by convincing the American public that the US is threatened by enemies. One would think that such irresponsible and reckless behavior would have the citizenry aroused and the media reporting the risk. Yet, there is only silence. It is more important to the media whether NFL players stand for the national anthem and that some male politicians show sexual interest in women in inappropriate ways. Insouciant America is walking into Armageddon

Recently released classified documents from WWII show amazing plans to destroy the Soviet Union (and others) with nuclear bombs. What makes this so interesting is that this document was prepared before the end of WWII! The Soviet Union was still our ally at the time this was written. And to think we were always taught that the Soviets started the cold war.

It appears that Yemen has gone back to North and South Yemen again. All along ethnic lines. Saudi Arabia (and the US) don’t want this and we can expect some more atrocities from heavy bombing. The blockades that prevent food and humanitarian aid continue. Is there a reason why we won’t allow for the local people to decide how they want their country run?

WASHINGTON – Last night on PoliticsNation, MSNBC news anchor Reverend Al Sharpton grilled Attorney General Eric Holder on everything from Fast and Furious to racism. Following is a transcript of that interview: AL SHARPTON: Welcome Mr. Secretary General of Defense. It’s a pleasure to sponsor you on my show. ERIC HOLDER: Thank you. It’s a pleasure being here. AL SHARPTON: I’m going to start off the show by saying two words and I want to get your response. ERIC HOLDER: Sure. AL SHARPTON: Racism.

NEW YORK – In her first interview since stepping down as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton appeared on MSNBC’s Politics Nation with host Al Sharpton. Following is a transcript of their conversation. AL SHARPTON: I want to extend my welcome mat to the gracious Madam of the Secretaries, Hillary Ramrod Clinton. HILLARY: Thank you, Mr. Sharpton. AL SHARPTON: You may call me Reverend. HILLARY: Of course, Reverend. AL SHARPTON: I’ve been told you have a knot in your head. HILLARY: Well, a few months ago I had a blood clot. AL SHARPTON: Inside your head? HILLARY: Yes. AL SHARPTON: Ow! That can’t be good.

In March of 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared on MSNBC with Reverend Al Sharpton to discuss the turmoil in Ukraine. Following is a transcript of that interview which originally aired on MSNBC’s, PoliticsNation. AL SHARPTON: My guest tonight is the leader of the Soviet’s Union, Bladimir Putin. He joins us via satellite from the country of Russia. Welcome to my show, Mr. Leader. VLADIMIR PUTIN: (nods) SHARPTON: I should inform you upfront that since I’m host of my own news show on MSNBC I’m expectated to ask the tough questions. I’m also an African American man of color. Shall we proceed? PUTIN: (nods) SHARPTON: Mr. Leader, you are in the headlines on a daily basis. Last summer you rescued our commander of chiefs from a debarnacle in Cereal and recently you hosted the game of Olympics in your country. Now there is a Ukrainium outbreak of revolution in Clamitia and President Obama has sort of given you an ultramaiden. What say you? PUTIN: If people in Ukraine have chlamydia it’s because they not use rubbers.

NEW YORK – In a move to build on its reputation for diversity and equality, MSNBC placed civil rights activist and opportunist Al Sharpton at the helm of his own news show in 2011. In a surprising moment of candor last month, MSNBC president Phil Griffin confirmed that the African American host of PoliticsNation at 6 pm is indeed illiterate. “We are proud to have, not just an illiterate, but an illiterate black man,” Griffin said in a teleconference with reporters. “What other network can claim a distinction of that caliber? The only way we could top that is if he were also a Muslim quadriplegic who’d been date raped at an Ivy League school.”