What the 487 means, and why it’s important
Click here for more detailed info. 487 Mondays: As we see all of the protests and other civil unrest in America, it’s easy to think that it’s a groundswell of outrage. Knowledge takes us beyond that mere information! Ever since the 2016 election, we’ve seen an increase in violence in America. The media would have… (9 comments)

This is an amazing three part series. All three parts are linked below. When the Cold War ended, America stood at a cross roads. Many hailed the resultant “peace dividend”. The notion was that with the end of high defense spending during the Cold War, we could use that money for other internal purposes (of course no politician put forth the notion of giving the money back to the taxpayers). Aside from economic changes, the US faced no major military threats for the first time in a long time. What an opportunity. Of course the opportunity was turned into America becoming an empire, just like the old British empire. It’s ending the same way. We had a long period where we could impose our way pretty much at will. In the absence of an economic or military adversary, we become the bullies of the world. Then Russia and China caught up. We stood a good chance of becoming one of the three “super powers”, sharing influence with the Russians and the Chinese. Right now we face the very real possibility of falling behind China and Russia. This is a very sobering series.(0 comment)

As the US continues is preoccupation with old school wars, the rest of the world embraces economic “war” through the notions of trade and profit. Enemies don’t become friends, but they learn to get along when they realize that there are profits to be made. For political leaders, profits translate into a happy population, with jobs, healthcare, food and other creature comforts readily available. Iraq, the Kurds, Turkey and the various factions just negotiated a solution to fighting in Kirkuk. Despite the protestations of the super Neos like John Bolton, and the US military, clever tribal leaders negotiated a peaceful end to what could have been a very bloody battle. They all decided not to kill each other because Kirkuk is an oil rich area and they all need the money.(0 comment)

I’m loving watching the NFL disintegrate before my eyes. Professional sports in my lifetime has followed the same path that teachers, cops and the military have. Once you increase the salaries, you end up getting some employees who are in it for the money, not for the love of the vocation. Teachers used to be respected. Salaries were low and you really had to want to be a teacher to do it. Now with increased compensation, folks choose the career for the money and benefits. You see this transition over and over again in many career fields. When I was a kid, NFL players had real jobs in the off-season. People respected their skills on the field, not their social conscience. The funny thing is that I don’t miss them. (0 comment)

Google’s larger mission to make the world’s information “universally accessible and useful. “I want to use the best technology we have at our disposal to begin to take on trolling and other nefarious tactics that give hostile voices disproportionate weight,” says Jigsaw founder and president Jared Cohen. “To do everything we can to level the playing field.” Google’s effort, Jigsaw is the new name for what used to be called Google Ideas. At first glance, their mission seems all sweet and wonderful. They want to stop the “bad” things in social media. An enlightened censorship for the common good. It’s scary when the elites come up with a plan to censor speech that they and they alone determine is “harmful”. Let’s remember for a second that they are a for-profit corporation. They don’t do things to be nice. They obviously are creating a product that is for sale, and for sale to the highest bidder. Even if trolling and other harassment on the internet is harmful, does the prior censorship of it make our country better? Does eliminating this harmful internet speech eliminate the real harmful thoughts? Encouraging discourse of any type is almost always better. As an aside, this kind of smells of some sort of “new world order” operation. Meddling in foreign affairs by a corporate entity won’t come out well in the end and is against every National and International law that exists. But I guess it’s ok if you are well-intentioned.(0 comment)

I’ve shared these thoughts with friends and on this blog for a long time. Stop thinking that Facebook, Google, Twitter and all of the other social media outlets are somehow some sort of good guys who exist only for the furthering of an educated and intelligent populous. They are a business. A business that wants to make a lot of money for it’s stockholders. Whatever they do or don’t do is designed to maximize profits. It’s kind of like CNN that everyone seems to hate. Well, everyone except the viewers that they have and the advertisers that want to influence the buying decisions of their viewers. We need to drop the notion that they are something special who somehow ascribe to some sort of code of ethics that makes them do socially responsible things. People are quick to organize to hold other corporations ethically responsible. It’s time to recognize the social media for what it is.(0 comment)

Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is the authority under which the US Government routinely collect and searches the online communications of innocent Americans with a warrant. It expires at the end of this year. As you might expect, the deep state doesn’t want it to just go away. Congress is taking up the issue. The USA Liberty Act has been introduced to fix it before it expires. It falls far short of addressing the worst abuses of the NSA’s Internet surveillance. The actual bill is posted below as a link. Contact your representatives to demand real changes and real protections. It’s time to reel in the surveillance state.… (0 comment)

I’d like to believe that the author of this article is correct. I think he is, but having no credibility left doesn’t equate to having no power or influence left. There is an old saying, “The cornered rat is known to kill its own kind for survival”. The elites will not go away silently into the night. We see the battle in America which ostensibly is over President Trump. It’s really over us, of course. All of these attacks on Trump are designed to get us to pull our support of him. Trump represents the first time in a very long time that the average American felt powerful. That loving America and Americans was ok. That seeing the elites and their political swamp was a danger to us. The war is on in America. “Nationalism” is the enemy of the swamp. Loving America and what it was and what it could be is wrong in the eyes of the elites. They will not go down without a fight. And it could be ugly.(0 comment)

I have long thought that our Neos want another Cold War. It’s the perfect scenario for our Military Industrial Complex. We get to buy lots of equipment, none of which really has to work. Heck we never have to use it. Who remembers the debacle with the Patriot Missiles in the first Gulf War? They didn’t work, yet no one got fired and we merely gave them more money to fix them. When the Soviet Union fell, we agreed not to expand NATO into the former Soviet states. That agreement ended up being meaningless. Now we’ve got US and other NATO forces closer to the Russian homeland. The Russians lost 27 MILLION people in World War II. All on their homeland. It’s difficult for Americans to imagine fighting for where we live. We’ve only been invaded once and that didn’t turn out so well for the British, but it wasn’t a town to town, house to house battle. It’s not hard to imagine that Russia would want to protect its country. Yet, as the US concentrates on re-fighting WWII in Europe, the rest of the developed world concentrates on economic warfare, forging new alliances based on trade. And we wonder why we’re $20+ Trillion in debt.(0 comment)

The Neos are doing everything they can to damage Russia. At the behest of the Saudi’s we put sanctions on their oil exports to Europe thinking that we’d destroy Russia’s economies. All that happened was a shift in Russia’s exports to Asia. We continue with other sanctions and vilification of Russia and so far the only result has been Russia’s alliances with China, Asia and the Middle East. Even our “friends” the Saudis have made up with Russia and new growth and friendships are emerging. The Neos would have you believe that they are smarter than you are. That we should trust them because they are the “enlightened” ones. They got spoiled though in the post Cold War era. There was a time when taking on 2nd and 3rd world countries was as simple as showing up and bullying them. Developed countries aren’t so easy to bully. They are smart too. The cypto-rouble will get foreign investment into Russia, a country with a stable, virtually debt free economy. We sanction their banks and they figure out a different way to excel. Innovation used to be our greatness.(0 comment)

The US Chamber of Commerce is the biggest enemy of “We the People” of any group in America. The Chamber is the largest lobbying group in the U.S., spending more money than any other lobbying organization on a yearly basis. They will claim that they exist to support American businesses. Let’s see what they’ve supported in the past: They were big supports of Hillary’s healthcare reform in 1993. Opposes the DISCLOSE Act, which aims to limit foreign influence on U.S. elections The Chamber of Commerce has come under attack by conservatives and others for its support of amnesty for illegal immigrants The move by the Chamber comes days after the Senate Leadership Fund, a super PAC backed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, made a similar announcement. The Swamp spent upwards of $32 MILLION to try elect Luther Strange. For all of you gun rights folks, the NRA spent almost one million dollars in the last week of the primary alone! All to protect the swamp When two Republicans were running against each other in a Primary, the money poured out like water. Now that the race is between a Republican and a Democrat, they are not spending a dime. It’s not Trump they hate. It’s us. Be proud.(0 comment)