Swamp Worries That a Luther Strange Defeat ‘Could Prompt Some GOP Senators to Retire’

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The Alabama senate election is turning into a microcosm of everything that is wrong in national politics. The deepstate is spending many millions of dollars to protect their agenda. The leader in the polls has collected less than half a million. But if Judge Moore’s victory will cause mass retirements of the swamp, I’m all for it. Think about what they are actually saying here. They have to protect the swamp so they want have to face angry voters.

The Washington Post reports that, although President Donald Trump and his staff were hesitant to campaign in Alabama for establishment-friendly Luther Strange, Swamp Republicans forced the president’s hand — fearing that a victory for Judge Roy Moore would motivate several allies to retire from the Senate rather than face Breitbart-backed challengers in 2018. Read more here.

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  • The add is correct in that millions of dollars are being spent for “mud-slinging” attack ads against Judge Roy Moore. Each time I see a Luther Strange ad, I want to vomit. The ads are so corny (“Big Luther” firing a pistol with a suppressor, The NRA giving “Big Luther” an A+ rating, President Trump endorses Luther Strange, and then there is the one using a sound bite of Judge Moore “I don’t think we have to build a wall” in totally false insinuation). The establishment either does not “get it” or either they are choosing to ignore the will of the people. I think it is the latter. Moore will win the same way Trump did. Alabama voters will elect Moore because he represents what is “RIGHT” and not Luther who is more of “business as usual”. Moore has not ran one negative ad. Trump made a mistake endorsing Strange. I believe it was political payback for Jeff Sessions supporting him early on in the presidential race. The media will use a Moore victory to slander Trump saying something like, “Apparently, Alabama has now turned on Donald Trump. The state overwhelmingly elected Trump in the Presidential election, but now have rejected the candidate Trump endorsed, blah, blah, blah”. Good luck and Godspeed Judge Moore!
    The debate from last night can be seen here:

  • I’m thinking Trump’s misplaced support was driven solely by “swamp advisors” to either/and elect a like creature or/and to setup a conflict between what Trump campaigned on and how he acts now.
    That man puzzles me. I don’t believe he is naive or stupid. Trusting to a fault, yes.
    Time will tell.

    • Author

      I think it’s one of three things. First one is that Trump is “playing” the swamp. McConnell is going all in. He has spent all of the Senatorial Candidate money. If Strange loses, McConnell is on the ropes. Could lose his job over it, and Trump will be able to smile and say that he tried to help McConnell. Second is exactly what you suggest. Getting “swamp” advice to tear up his supporters. I think that all of the attacks on Trump are designed to get the base to turn on Trump. So far it’s not working. Once the base turns on Trump the swamp can do things to shut Trump down. The third is more troubling. Trump has done some weird things lately that are very unlike him. What if they are blackmailing him with threats to his children?

  • Trump is a Good man. Good men can be fooled, tricked, and bent. Swamps are really bad neighborhoods. It is definitely survival of the fittest. This is “Gadianton Robber” Territory. These creatures have a solid pact with the Devil himself. Pray for President Trump, and his Family’s safety. We as a Nation are in a battle for our lives and our Nation. If the United States, falls the rest of the World falls. This is a Global Battle of Epic Proportions. These are the days we have been warned about for 4 millennia. Truth and Knowledge IS GOOD, especially when applied. Worthless, when kept under wraps or never read.

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