Penn State Coach Makes Players Shake Hands After Loss

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Being from the South, I don’t normally consider college football outside of the SEC to be “real” college football, but the Penn State coach this past weekend was impressive.

Penn State was upset this past weekend by Michigan State. Ok, upsets happen. In the post game interview, Coach James Franklin abruptly left his interview and started running towards the tunnel where his players were going back to the locker room. Of course the sports media immediately started to make fun of Franklin for being a “sore loser”.

Well, imagine everyone’s surprise to discover that he was running after his players who were poor sports and failing to shake hands with the opposing team. He was making them return to the field to be good sportsmen.

Values, folks. What sports competition at the amateur level used to be about.

Of course, it needs to be pointed out that Coach Franklin last coached in the SEC at Vanderbilt!

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