Court: “Black Lives Matter” can’t be sued because it’s a movement, not an entity

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This decision caused the blogosphere to go crazy. This is a perfect example of turning information into knowledge. The court ruled correctly. Read the ruling, not the editorial reporting in the media. Ultimately we all want those who cause harm to be punished, not some faceless group. We all get made at the EPA for example, but the EPA didn’t do it, some real person did it.

Here is a summary of the Court’s ruling:

Plaintiff’s alleged injuries in this case – which he claims to have suffered in the line of duty as a police officer while responding to a demonstration – are not to be minimized. Plaintiff has failed, however, to state a plausible claim for relief against an individual or entity that both has the capacity to be sued and falls within the precisely tailored category of persons that may be held liable for his injuries, which he allegedly suffered during activity that was otherwise constitutionally protected….

The Court finds that Plaintiff’s Complaint suffers from numerous deficiencies; namely, the Complaint fails to state a plausible claim for relief against Mckesson and it names as a Defendant a social movement that lacks the capacity to be sued….

The Court’s ruling is likely the correct one. Organizing a protest that starts peacefully but then turns violent does not make the organizer responsible, unless there is some evidence of direction of the violence. There were not statements alleged against McKesson showing he directed the violence. Read more here.

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