Graham-Cassidy Is ‘Barely Obamacare-Lite’ – Graham ‘Known to be Wrong and Not Very Conservative’

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As residents of SC, we know all too well that we have two of the worst “Republican” senators in the country. The other day, I got an email from Lindsey Graham titled: “The Most Significant Threat To Repeal Obamacare”. Silly me, I thought that was his buddy John McCain. My response to his email saying the same thing has not been responded to.

Rand Paul said Graham-Cassidy “actually keeps the Obamacare spending and just redistributes it among the states. It’s a $1.2 trillion federal grant program, and that’s just not repeal. I didn’t promise people to keep a trillion-dollar spending program and re-shuffle the money among the states. This is not repeal. It’s not even — It’s barely Obamacare-lite. It keeps Obamacare. It’s not what we promised.” Read more here.

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  • I’m pretty sure that ANYTHING that Graham is behind, is something that I’m against. He’s bought & paid for by the GOPe. Why does SC keep reelecting this asshole?

    • Author

      We reelect him for the same reason that so many of the swamp gets reelected. Remember that the parties “own” the primaries. It’s their game. They know how to use that game. We’ll put up a solid conservative to challenge Graham. The “system” will put up five or six more “conservatives”. So, no one can get over 50% of the vote. So there is a runoff and Lindsey drops his mega millions and wins the primary. Then at the general election, our choice is Lindsey or some wacko liberal democrat. So Lindsey wins. And of course Lindsey acts like a conservative for six months every six years. Right around the election season.

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