The famous line from the Saul Alinsky crowd is “it’s not the protest, it’s the revolution”. We’ve seen this over and over again, most recently with the Weinstein revelations. Sexual assault in the furtherance of their causes is ok. Sexual assault from their adversaries is bad. They never minded Bill Clintons actions, because he became their liberal president. The never minded Weinstein because he was their cash cow. The fact that they turned on him tells you that they’ve already identified another cash cow and don’t need him anymore. It’s the same thing with neo Nazis. When they can find some in America, they quickly slam them because it supports their cause. We not only fully funded neo Nazis and openly support them in the Ukraine because we hate the Russians. Makes no sense to me. I grew up being taught that right was right and evil was evil. Maybe some more commonsense is required.

Good analysis of the destruction of the media. In a way, we all lose when the media abandon’s its role to inform and hold an out of control government accountable. The internet helps get the word out, but it alss helps build walls, with people gravitating to what they like and believe and not taking the time to learn opposing views. Of course the media will blame the Russians for making this happen.