On The Vegas Shooting

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As the days pass since the Vegas shooting, knowledge of the “who, what, where and why” seems to be trickling out slowly. In our society that just leads to tons and tons of conspiracy theories and other ideas and suggestions. Here’s ours.

I like spy and espionage books and movies. The difference between merely good ones and incredibly great ones is that the story is believable. That’s what gives conspiracy theories staying power too – they are believable.
If I was writing a book of fiction right now or making a movie, the Vegas shooting has so many believable evil conspiracy points that it would be a sure best seller.

Initial analysis suggested that machine guns were used in the shooting. Note plural. We live in an era with lots of smart phones and other video surveillance and video and audio of the shooting went viral very quickly. Veterans who have actually heard guns fired in anger were quick to identify the shooting as coming from machine guns. Some even provided videos with the sounds of a variety of machine guns. This one is one of the better I found.

Information released by the Vegas Sheriff’s office identified that a tripod was positioned behind each of the shot out windows. A machine gun is fired from a tripod in most cases.

So, how would you obtain one of these machine guns? The most likely gun used based on firing rate and audio sound is the M240B. It’s a very reliable gun made by FN (Fabrique Nationale) out of Belgium. They don’t make them for the civilian market! The US Army has used them for decades.

Certainly one could be stolen from the military here in the US. A disenchanted armorer could have sold it to make money. This is fairly unlikely. The military does try hard to keep track of it’s machine guns.
On the other hand we have given tons and tons of military equipment to our “allies” in Afghanistan and Iraq. We see pictures of this equipment having been abandoned by our “allies” and used against us by our enemies. Who can forget the convoys of HMMWVs used by our enemies.

Say the evidence shows that this is how the M240B was obtained to bring to America.

Say the evidence shows that it was smuggled in through Mexico.

Say they found some big time gambler and blackmailed him into obtaining the hotel rooms and other things they needed in Vegas.

Say that they picked Vegas for its garish symbols of capitalism.

Say they set up a sophisticated camera system in the hotel to watch the halls for a law enforcement response.

Say the evidence shows that experienced foreign warriors did the shooting and then shot the fall guy as they made their escape. After all, there is a 62 minute gap between when the shooter(s) stopped shooting and his door was blown in.

Say the FBI announced in mere hours that there was no foreign terrorism ties. Mere hours. They’ve been investigating Hillary for years and can’t find proof.

And then realize that you will never know that this happened because the government doesn’t want to reveal its ties to ISIS and the fact that they lost (can’t account for is the modern term) over $500 million worth of ammo and weapons (this is the only true statement in this posting). How do you support control when the supplies come from government stocks? Do you really want people to know how easy it is to get genuine USGI machine guns and stuff?

Tell me how this wouldn’t be a best selling movie!

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