In the good old days, the US merely paid too much for its supplies and equipment. No one hurt except the taxpayers. Flash forward to the current never ending wars. Many military contractors have made a lot of money over our never ending wars. But it’s not just the taxpayers that are losing. It looks like the money is getting so huge that we are killing Americans over the threat of being discovered. Something is really wrong.

The “new” information on the Uranium One crisis seems to have dropped to a trickle. Where there are stories, they are pretty much rehashed old news. I don’t like stories that are merely a lot of information. I hate the teasers of a big news story without the followup facts. Sometimes I think they do this on purpose so that you get bored with the story and forget about it. The Vegas shootings are a perfect example. We still don’t know what happened and it appears we never will. The Uranium One story is like that. A great teaser, but so far not much meat. I like to do my conspiracy analysis to stories like this. First test is always “who gains”. The second one is always, “why now”. Uranium One happened at the beginning of the Obama administration. Nine years ago. There have been hints and stories about this off and on over the past nine years. So why is it a crisis now? My first thought is that this is an attempt to take down Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor. At best he looks incompetent in this deal. At worst he is an enabler of international criminal doings. And it looks like he profited greatly.