This is really old news. The headlines should be that the DNC rigged the deck for the candidate of choice of those who control the party. The so called “super delegate” system that the DNC has in place was a response to the 1968 Presidential Election, where George McGovern ran a grass roots campaign and got the nomination. Those who controlled the Democrat Party where stunned and of course the election was lost. They vowed not to let this happen again. So they created the super delegate system. The two political parties only control primary elections. They make the rules and the primaries work the way they want them to. That is the real way they protect incumbents and the major reason why we rarely have choices. Oddly enough, the RNC didn’t like the way we the people got Trump through the primaries. They are actually trying to figure out how to create a super delegate system of their own. This one actually is somewhat easy to influence, but most of us won’t. Local precincts elect county parties. The county parties select delegates to the district and state party conventions. The state party conventions select those who go to the national conventions and vote on the rules. It’s not easy or fun, but it can be done.(1 comment)

The leaks continue. Most of us were concerned when the Mueller investigation hired a bunch of Obama and Clinton sycophants. Last Friday it was leaked to CNN that Mueller planned to release indictments the following Monday. Imagine the sheer coincidence that on Sunday Hillary had a big strategy meeting with the big players in her seemingly never-ending scandals. I’m sure they just got together when they realized that they were in the same place. And I’m sure they merely talked about their grandchildren.