Free speech is one of the more misused concepts in America. Some of this is due to the fact that our government “Dewey Camps” have continued to dumb down the citizenry since the late 1950s. Other reasons include intentional confusion to advance the state’s causes. Hate speech is one of the more evil ways in which the state has conspired to confuse people over the notion of free speech.(1 comment)

What is it about politicians and liberals that they have to lie about their life experiences? Hillary and her snipers, reporters and their threats to their lives, white women who claim to be black, you name it. It’s almost like they feel some need to appear to be the victims of the world so they will be more likeable. Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren is the latest. Amidst the Weinstein/Hollywood meltdown, she had to join the bandwagon. Now I understand that she is the poster child for the “love is blind” concept, but she had to proclaim that she was “chased around the office” when she was a younger law professor by her boss. Amazingly the Boston media actually went to the "way back" machine to see if she’d ever commented on this before. Turns out that she spoke at her boss' funeral and had nothing but goodness to say about him. She joked about being chased around the office. Perhaps one problem with the argument. This was in the days before the Americans with Disabilities Act and her boss had polio. You’d think if these folks were going to lie, they would be better at it.

If I could make up stuff like this, I’d be a famous author with lots of money. I used to think that some people shouldn’t be allowed to have children. I had this thought about parents who “raise” their children in drug dens and places like that. I now extend that thought to parents who totally screw up their children’s mind with “choose your sex” and “cultural appropriation”. Moms out there are actually trying to turn a Halloween costume choice into lessons in cultural appropriation. Halloween costumes should be about fun and fantasy, not some sort of “think about how evil it is to be white” exercise. This is too bizarre.

The commentary on the recent “road trip” in America is really good. The commentary includes links to the base report, which I recommend heartily. The liberals in this case really tried to figure out what “flyover” country was really like. Amazing that they tried. They just couldn’t come to the right conclusions, but I’d guess that they aren’t capable of that recognition. The struggle for the liberals for the past two generations has been over diversity. They still believe that differences can only be ok if we all embrace the same things. They can’t fathom that being different is ok. I believe it’s because they don’t understand America, what it stands for and in some ways really hate it. When everyone saw being an American was the unifier, things worked out well. In the absence of a unifying concept, we have a society today that probably can’t be called a society. Overall, America has nothing in common. In flyover country, we still love America and aren’t bothered by differences.(1 comment)

I have advocated for a long time that the way to get even with left wing businesses is to vote with our wallets. Don’t fund their stupid choices. This opinion from a legal expert nails it perfectly. The NFL thought that they could enable this crap so that they wouldn’t offend the left. They stupidly thought that the we wouldn’t care.