The war in Syria was originally orchestrated by Saudi Arabia and their ally Israel. Both got the US to get involved to. Saudi Arabia is the only one of the three that realizes that they lost. The US still has forces on the ground there and Israel still uses their air force to conduct raids. When we got caught in the war, we used the excuse of “ISIS”. Well, ISIS is destroyed now, yet we’re still there and still arming forces.

I don’t know if this is true. We’ve been seeing this talked about all over the web. Our link is to the original story where it broke. They do point out that it is more likely that the intel didn’t come from Israel, but more likely Jordan. The real dynamic here is not where the intel came from, but more importantly that it has been shared.

The middle east has more intrigue than most places. Folks that should be enemies sometimes aren’t. Folks that should be allies sometimes aren’t. The three big players for many decades have been Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Other countries in the region have always been played by these three. Despite these three being enemies, all of them are smart enough to make temporary alliances in order to go after the one. It looks like Israel and Saudi Arabia are continuing the alliance they made to eliminate Syria. This time the target is Iran. And we’re falling for it again.

Whatever their plans, the stakeholders in the Middle East must remember that clever plans to remake the Middle East have hitherto been remarkable for their inability to anticipate countermoves by opposing forces. Tension is increasing all across the Middle East and the United States is again falling into a trap set up by its so-called allies to act against its own interests by getting deeply involved in what might turn out to be an escalating conflict. The recent victories by the Syrian Army and its Russian allies, which suggest that the active phase of the Syrian civil war will soon be drawing to a close, means that the perennial unrest in the region will be shifting gears and possibly leading to new conflict in areas that have until now been quiet. The lack of any real American policy for the region will enable the Saudis and Israelis, who have hegemonistic dreams of their own, to manipulate a casus belli, quite likely starting in Lebanon, where Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri recently resigned his office and fled to Saudi Arabia, claiming that he was fearing for his life due to his resistance to Iran’s influence over his country.

The idea that there are a lot of Christians in Israel is a novel idea to most Americans. In the past year hundreds of Israeli Christians have made pilgrimages to holy sites in Lebanon, even though the country is classified an enemy state. Groups of all ages, sometimes up to 50 people, spend a week in Lebanon on trips organized by the Galilee’s Christian clergymen, mostly under the radar.(1 comment)

The Kurds have been America’s “whipping boy” for many decades. I don’t understand why they still believe us. Kissinger was the first to pump them up and then pull the plug on them once we didn’t’ need them anymore. We did it again to them after the first Gulf War. We’re doing it again. Despite our efforts in the never ending wars in the Middle East and Africa, we are creating allies and alliances that without our intervention would never have happened. Who would have believed when we started that Iran and Iraq would form a military alliance? Who could have seen the time where Russia would gain huge influence in the Middle East again? The Saudis and the Israelis are partnering up on issues. The King of Saudi Arabia visits Russia for the first time ever. We’ve achieved some regional stability. Just not the stability that we set out to accomplish.

Imagine if one of our allies in the world acquired a few thousand acres of land in the US. Then they brought in their military to this area and spent the next 14 years training and equipping a group like black lives matter or Antifa to overthrow our country? I imagine most Americans would be very upset with our “ally”. Well, Israel has been training and equipping the Kurds in northern Iraq to do just that thing since 2003. An ally training another ally to fight another ally. What’s really sad is that we’ve pretty much ignored that. The European press reported this in 2003. A few more reports since then. Yesterday’s media reported that it’s moved on to a much bigger issue than mere rifles, machine guns and artillery. They are actually training them to fly F16s! Other than the sheer stupidity of the US allowing this, we are the ones who give F16s to Israel. Foreign military sales and arms proliferation laws are very clear on how the countries that get our equipment can use it. They specifically prohibit their being given to someone else. The US (who never should have been in Syria) has declared that we’ve stopped the CIA from fighting in Syria. Are we allowing Israel to be our proxy to continue the war?

American policy in Syria has always been bizarre. Israel and Saudi Arabia (two of our claimed allies) wanted Assad gone. We trained and armed (at great expense to we the taxpayers) opposition groups that gravitated to ISIS. We sent ground military forces there to train opposition groups. The CIA did the same. CIA forces engaged in direct combat with US Army forces. It’s a mess. A mess caused by us acting as a “for hire” military for our allies.