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The “Great” Antifa Riots

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Well, 4 November came and went. America still exists. Trump is still the President. And there is no coverage of the riots in the main stream media. Even the so called conservative Fox News gives it little coverage.

The 487s didn’t show!

We discussed last week the cities they planned their protests for. All but one were 487s. Their updated list before this weekend cancelled the one none 487 and added a few more. Ohio must be a hotbed of sedition. They have seven 487s, and had three riots planned.

Austin, Texas had 36 protestors. Seattle had 50. New York had 300. Portland a mere 100.

The real “news” here is that there is no coverage. Type “November 4 Antifa” into a search engine and be amazed that there is incredibly little coverage.

Imagine if millions had showed up to riot. Today’s headlines would read about how Trump scheduled his Asia trip in order to be out of the country while the riots happened.

Breitbart is the only place that I found actual videos of the riots. Read more here.

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