The deep state “swamp” is still angry with us for ignoring their elite choices for the Presidency. Despite their best efforts, we’re still supporting Trump. The swamp has declared war on us and the battle ground today is Judge Moore. Yet, we’re winning in spite of them. Strange is gone. Corker won’t be running. Flake won’t be running. We’re achieving success. But they aren’t stopping their attacks. They are back to taking down Trump.

The swamp is incredibly angry with us. We, the “unwashed” had the temerity to ignore their chosen candidates and elect Donald Trump. Remember back in the early days of the primaries who got the majority of the money and support from the swamp? It was “common core” Jeb Bush of course. When that didn’t work, then it was “gang of 8” Marco Rubio. As it was all falling apart they were even willing to settle for “Goldman-Sachs” Ted Cruz. Anyone other than a representative of the masses. Well, we beat the swamp. The swamp has been dedicated to punishing us ever since. Initially they wanted to show us that we’d made a mistake. The continuous attacks on President Trump were less over Trump himself, and more to show us that we voted for the wrong guy. In the beginning they were willing to take us back into the fold. But we failed to fall for their ploys. The attacks on Trump didn’t make us stop supporting what Trump represented. We elected him to drain the swamp, and we wanted him to do it. We meant it. The Alabama senate race to replace Jeff Sessions presented the swamp with its first big challenge. Luther Strange was appointed to fill the vacancy by Governor Robert Bentley. For those who don’t follow Alabama politics, Governor Bentley was under investigation in Alabama and was probably going to be impeached. Strange was the state’s Attorney General. In a refreshing moment, Bentley’s biggest offense was cheating on his wife. Strange met with Bentley and announced soon afterwards that the investigation was going to end. Strange got the appointment, and Bentley resigned. Kay Ivey, the current governor was sworn into office upon Bentley’s resignation. Ivey, along with most Alabama folks saw the appointment of Strange to be, “strange”. In order to limit the damage that Strange might cause, she scheduled an early election to fill Sessions’ seat. The first primary election had numerous candidates running. Congressman Mo Brooks appeared to be the strongest challenger to Strange. The swamp went viral. They spent many millions of dollars to defeat Brooks. The lies and attacks were some of the worst things seen in modern politics. It worked. Brooks dropped in the polls. The swamp made their first strategic error in their anti-swamp efforts. They completely misread the amount of mistrust that existed towards Strange. They were stunned to see that Strange came in second to a candidate that wasn’t the most popular guy in Alabama. Heck, in Judge Moore’s last statewide race, he only won 52-48. The second primary was even more ugly than the first one. $32 million was spent to get Strange elected. The swamp’s senatorial committee, the NRA, and the US Chamber of Commerce dumped lots of money to defeat Judge Moore. The NRA alone spent over $1 million in the last week of the race. And then the anti-swamp folks, led by Steve Bannon weighed in on the election. He ably garnered the support of folks like us to vote against the swamp’s selection. And Judge Moore won. As bad as this was for the swamp, the anti-swamp folks were energized. The anti-swamp realized that they could defeat the swamp creatures. Bob Corker and Jeff Flake decided not to run for reelection in light of bad polling numbers. Anti-swamp candidates were doing well in polls in other races. The future of the swamp was under attack. The swamp decided to stop this insurgency once and for all. So they developed their battle plans. Their objectives were threefold: 1. Defeat Steve Bannon. Send the message that his influence doesn’t work. 2. Punish us. Send the message that our choices are flawed choices. We need to trust the elites in their choices. 3. Demoralize us. Who will be willing to run against the swamp if our lives are going to be destroyed in vicious attacks? This was an incredible act of desperation. If it worked, the swamp would be saved for now. If it failed, the swamp would suffer major harm and possible destruction. We all need to realize that this isn’t about Moore. The candidate could be Mother Theresa. This is totally about the swamp versus the anti-swamp. The swamp made their second strategic error as they launched their attack. There is an old saying in war, “no battle plan survives contact with the enemy”. The swamp’s first attack was flawless. Great accusers, impossible to verify or deny and great psychological optics. Except it didn’t resonate with the Alabama voters. They bet on the first attack working and didn’t have follow up actions developed. The follow on attacks were done on the fly and we’re seeing the results. Poorly planned, easy to refute accusers, and poor optics. Despite the “quality” of the first attacks, the poor follow on attacks the credibility of the initial attacks. So, what do they do now? Just like in any other battle, you can’t just quit and ask for a do over. They are committed to continue the war until they win or lose. We will see more attacks. The sex abuse attacks will continue, but in the absence of physical proof, they stand the risk of alienating the Alabama electorate. Too many allegations lend towards thinking they are all fake. There will be attacks on Judge Moore’s religious foundation. They will have to be careful in these attacks. Alabama has a large religious population and this could back fire. Moore’s wife is very active in this foundation and attacks on a man’s wife won’t sell well in Alabama. I anticipate attacks on financial issues. If possible, they will find IRS problems and other funding issues. Not sure what they can make up at this stage, but if possible they will. Again, just like the issues with attacking the religious foundation, they run the risk of alienating the cause. The next three weeks will be interesting to watch. The swamp is in trouble and they know it. Desperation causes desperate acts. The only good news is that investigations will eventually reveal who is behind this. These aren’t the acts of a single person. The swamp took a risk to save itself. When the truth comes out, it may only be a pyrrhic victory.

The Judge Moore debacle is unraveling before our eyes. Folks who analyze the attacks objectively have seen this is a very well orchestrated attack by the swamp on someone who represents the anti-swamp. The swamp was humiliated after they spent well over $32 million to protect the swamp’s candidate. Yet, the anti-swamp won, spending $1.5 million. The swamp declared war. The opening salvo was very well orchestrated and all four of the original accusers had stories that sounded good, but could be affirmed or refuted. A classic he said, she said scenario. Sadly for the swamp, the first attack didn’t work. For lots of reasons, the people of Alabama didn’t change their minds. Maybe they believed it but were willing to forgive. Maybe they found the Obama administration democrat to be hideous. Maybe they just saw the timing of the attacks to actually be what they were – BS. Like any other battle, once you engage, you need to continue the fight. So, the swamp has added more ammo to the fight. What’s fun to watch right now is that the follow on attacks aren’t so well thought out or planned. They are “on the fly” attacks. And they are falling apart. Gloria Allred was the first to follow up. Well, her accuser and “evidence” is falling apart by the minute. The yearbook is clearly a fake, as evidenced by her refusing to let it be analyzed by experts. Her accuser actually had a run in with Judge Moore 18 years ago in a case that she lost. Surely if she had adverse information on Moore, it would have been used to overturn her loss. The next attack was the “child predator” tale, reinforced with the accusation that he was banned from the local mall for his being a predator at the mall towards young girls. Well, turns out that once the mall manager was found and questioned, he denied that Moore was ever banned. The swamp took a huge risk when they started this war on the anti-swamp. The level of risk that they took clearly shows that we in the anti-swamp are winning. They are scared of us and want to send us a lesson that we are amateurs who need to trust the pros. It’s time to send them home.

Now we’re up to three major scandals. What is the difference between the three scandals? In Weistein’s case, it’s all allegations. So far it’s all he-said, she-said. In Moore’s case, it’s all allegations. So far it’s all he-said, she-said. In Franken’s case there is not only proof (two pictures) he also admits to doing it. Which one is getting the most press? It’s the swamp versus the anti-swamp, and the swamp is going all in.

The swamp’s war on us continues. This will get uglier as we get closer to the Alabama election. Just as they misread the anger of the masses that voted for Trump, they misread the reactions of the people of Alabama. Alabama voters have known Judge Moore for decades. They repeatedly voted him into various offices. They aren’t stupid, and see these attacks for exactly what they are. Now that the swamp has declared war, they can’t back off. They will continue to find new allegations, right up to election day. Sadly for them, in their haste to find more allegations, the prep work isn’t very good. Too many mistakes. The author of the attached article is a lawyer who is actually analyzing what’s going on from a skeptical and objective standpoint. Today’s analysis is a must read.

I don’t believe in coincidence most days. When the bloodsport of politics is involved, I NEVER believe in coincidence. The recent debacle regarding Judge Moore of Alabama should be making your internal bells and whistles explode. After a career in politics to include many state wide races, we’re being led to believe that suddenly new evidence has emerged that Judge Moore is a child abuser. Stretches credibility a lot, but within mere hours the Republicans, not the Democrats come out with statements that are so identical that they could only be scripted and coordinated. The odds of them saying the same thing throughout the day boggles the mind. Within 72 hours, This isn’t about Judge Moore. This is an orchestrated effort on the part of the swamp to punish those who support Steve Bannon in his efforts to drain the swamp. With a mere few million dollars, Bannon and folks like us defeated the swamp’s candidate Luther Strange. Strange was supported with over $32 million from the like of the NRA, the US Chamber of Commerce and the Republican Senatorial Committee. Based on the success of we the people, led by Steve Bannon, we quickly saw swamp creatures like Jeff Flake, Bob Corker and others decide not to run for reelection. Beating the swamp looked doable. Morale on our part was high. They say that a cornered rat is the most dangerous. The swamp is in trouble and they know it. They have never forgiven we the people for ignoring their “brilliant and chosen” candidates and electing President Trump. They figured they could wait him out and hoped for a one term president. They we continued our efforts to vote in our interests. It had to stop. In some regards, I’m actually impressed that they organized and agreed to take this major risk. This is much like a poker tournament where you go “all-in”. This is a game changing risk for them. If they succeed, they’ve taken down a Bannon candidate. It will help to demoralize we the people. It certainly will scare potential candidates from running against the base. How many people will want to risk losing their reputations, enduring baseless attacks against themselves and their families? If they fail, it will cause major damage to the swamp. Whoever orchestrated this attack will be politically shunned. The swamp needs to lose this battle. This is the bloodsport of the swamp versus we the people. We can’t take our eyes off the prize. America is worth saving.

The Vegas shooting has fallen off the radar screen of most of the mainstream media. But then that’s common in America. We move on very quickly. Who even talks about the Houston storm? Florida’s hurricane? Puerto Rico? There are more of the unanswered questions being answered in Vegas, and the link below actually has kept track of them from the beginning and is keeping track of the questions and the answers. It’s a good reference. Of course the conspiracy theories continue to grow, and the “false flag” arguments seem to grow by the day. False flag arguments resonate with people because it’s well known that our government has conducted lots of them over the years. Usually though the false flags that our government runs are foreign efforts to affect foreign governments. It has only been since 9/11 that we’ve seen an increase in false flag operations domestically, with most of them to support the notion that we have lots of domestic terrorists and that our FBI and DHS are doing a “crackerjack” job of stopping them and that they just need a little more money and power to prevent more of them. In my experience, if you are looking for a false flag, you need to start at the end of what happened and see who wins. The “what” of the event is mere theater. The result will help you determine what the false flag is about. In the case of Vegas, I’d suggest you look at who sells metal detectors and other security devices for casinos and hotels. There is a whole lot of money about to be spent to “secure” hotels and casinos. Look for a TSAesque setup in the hotels and casinos not only in Vegas but in mass venues everywhere.…

The “what” of North Korea’s nuclear weapons is a known thing. It’s a copy of a 1960’s Polaris missile. An old US design. This design was copied by Israel, France, Russia and China; probably even India. It is also the Israeli Jericho 2 design, copied from the Polaris A1 design. The UK also had it in their older nuclear submarines. The good news is that the warhead does not separate from the missiles’ main body, so it’s easy to intercept. The re-entry platform is quite crude. The bad news is that with 150kt yield, it’s still dangerous. What puzzles most analysts is how fast North Korea got from rudimentary designs to this latest improved version. In other words, who has been helping them. The notion that it’s Iran is pretty bizarre. Iran doesn’t have a nuclear bomb. It seem to make more sense to look at who does have them and see who would have an interest in North Korea having one too. This site below makes a strong argument that it’s China. This is the part of the post that drops down from knowledge to mere information. It’s a good argument, but for now I don’t know. You would think our zillion dollar intelligence agencies would have an answer. If you are a conspiracy minded person, you might be inclined to believe that they do know.