I was going to save this for the Sunday humor section. Until I realized that this was a real story, published in a real newspaper. They are telling us that if our society was following the teachings of Islam, there would be so sexual abuse of women! Forgive my skepticism, but I never realized that societies that follow Islam are havens of nirvana for women. Can’t make this up, folks.(0 comment)

The Judge Moore debacle is unraveling before our eyes. Folks who analyze the attacks objectively have seen this is a very well orchestrated attack by the swamp on someone who represents the anti-swamp. The swamp was humiliated after they spent well over $32 million to protect the swamp’s candidate. Yet, the anti-swamp won, spending $1.5 million. The swamp declared war. The opening salvo was very well orchestrated and all four of the original accusers had stories that sounded good, but could be affirmed or refuted. A classic he said, she said scenario. Sadly for the swamp, the first attack didn’t work. For lots of reasons, the people of Alabama didn’t change their minds. Maybe they believed it but were willing to forgive. Maybe they found the Obama administration democrat to be hideous. Maybe they just saw the timing of the attacks to actually be what they were – BS. Like any other battle, once you engage, you need to continue the fight. So, the swamp has added more ammo to the fight. What’s fun to watch right now is that the follow on attacks aren’t so well thought out or planned. They are “on the fly” attacks. And they are falling apart. Gloria Allred was the first to follow up. Well, her accuser and “evidence” is falling apart by the minute. The yearbook is clearly a fake, as evidenced by her refusing to let it be analyzed by experts. Her accuser actually had a run in with Judge Moore 18 years ago in a case that she lost. Surely if she had adverse information on Moore, it would have been used to overturn her loss. The next attack was the “child predator” tale, reinforced with the accusation that he was banned from the local mall for his being a predator at the mall towards young girls. Well, turns out that once the mall manager was found and questioned, he denied that Moore was ever banned. The swamp took a huge risk when they started this war on the anti-swamp. The level of risk that they took clearly shows that we in the anti-swamp are winning. They are scared of us and want to send us a lesson that we are amateurs who need to trust the pros. It’s time to send them home.(0 comment)

Now we’re up to three major scandals. What is the difference between the three scandals? In Weistein’s case, it’s all allegations. So far it’s all he-said, she-said. In Moore’s case, it’s all allegations. So far it’s all he-said, she-said. In Franken’s case there is not only proof (two pictures) he also admits to doing it. Which one is getting the most press? It’s the swamp versus the anti-swamp, and the swamp is going all in.(0 comment)

In Cold War era folklore it used to be said that the supply of stinger missiles to the Afghan Mujahideen, in the 1980s, was a masterstroke by the Central Intelligence Agency. The stinger apparently unnerved Soviet pilots and effectively put an end to the air superiority of the Red Army in Afghanistan – and probably hastened the victory of the so-called Afghan jihad against Soviet intervention. Are we now tiptoeing toward another “masterstroke” – this time around, ironically, directed against the open-ended US occupation of Afghanistan?(0 comment)

I have thought for a long time that the Neos want another Cold War. Cold Wars are great for business. We get to spend trillions of dollars on equipment that doesn’t even have to work. Heck, as we learned in the first gulf war when the Patriot Missiles didn’t work, all that happened was more spending to make them better. Cold Wars are good for the military. Lots of promotions for folks that never have to pay for their mistakes through losing wars or soldiers. Looks like the buildup in Europe is phase one of the new cold war. Of course the only problem with a cold war is what happens if it goes hot.(0 comment)

When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of eminent domain in the Kelo case, state activists pushed for eminent domain reform across the country. Georgia was one of the states that enacted new and better laws. The City of Marietta took it upon themselves to decide that the law was merely guidance. The State Supreme Court ruled against them in a victory for property owners.(0 comment)

Governments at all levels require you to have a license to work in many careers. Ostensibly the argument is that they are regulating public safety. In reality they are usually both fund raisers for the government and protection for those who are already in the career field. This licensing imposes a greater burden on lower skilled workers trying to get jobs. When it costs thousands of dollars to pay for the government mandated training and then the license, many people are shut out of the career field, The “License to Work: A National Study of Burdens From Occupational Licensing” is an awesome resource to examine the depth of the problem and learn of ways to lower the burden.(1 comment)

Our escalating tensions with North Korea are harming South Korea financially. As we put pressure on South Korea to install the THAAD systems, we have alienated China, who sees the missiles as a threat to them. South Korea paid for that decision when China imposed all sorts of sanctions on imports from South Korea. Perhaps South Korea will decide that our presence isn’t worth it any more.(0 comment)