Most of us know that George Soros meddles in the affairs of the US, funding all sorts of anti-American groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, you name it. It’s not just us. He’s been a leader in destroying Europe too. The resistance of the eastern European countries has made lots of a news. A recent report reveals the pervasiveness of the Soros meddling in Europe.

I love it when the social justice types turn on themselves. People should remember Wade Rathke. He is the founder of Acorn, the liberal group that was taken down in the Obama years when it was revealed how they lied and cheated and got others to do the same. Of course they never went away, changing names in the US, but not changing tactics. Soros has coughed up over $3 Billion to Wade Rathke for Acorn, and a bunch of other evil groups. So, now Alphabet (the company that owns Google) has won a contract to build a “perfect” city on 800 acres of land in Ontario. Here are just some of the wonderful things this perfect city plans on:
a thermal energy grid that would be carbon neutral, sensors that separate waste from recycling, modular buildings that convert from retail to housing, monitors that track noise and pollution, self-driving transit shuttles, shared-ride taxibots, adaptive traffic lights, delivery robots.
And the Soros activist doesn't like it. Got to love it.

Google is taking its battle against misleading information to the real world. The company has partnered with the International Fact-Checking Network, a nonpartisan organization run by The Poynter Institute that advocates across the globe for accuracy in online articles. The IFCN holds an annual fact-checking conference, funds fellowships and provides training for would-be fake-news detectives, plus it's the author behind a widely accepted code of principles for media organizations. Earlier, Google partnered with the since discredited Snopes and Polititicact for this service. Who owns this new group that is working “in our best interest”? These include Google (driving the Transhumanist agenda), Bill Gates (who has cropped up in the last 3 years to support vaccines, GMOs, Common Core and other NWO initiatives), George Soros (master manipulator behind the Ukraine coup of 2014, Black Lives Matter and other movements to disrupt the law and socially engineer society) and Pierre Omidyar (current owner of PayPal connected to the Military Intelligence complex via Booz Allen Hamilton). With all of that said, anyone who “believes” what they read on Google or Facebook without verification is pretty dumb.