The deep state “swamp” is still angry with us for ignoring their elite choices for the Presidency. Despite their best efforts, we’re still supporting Trump. The swamp has declared war on us and the battle ground today is Judge Moore. Yet, we’re winning in spite of them. Strange is gone. Corker won’t be running. Flake won’t be running. We’re achieving success. But they aren’t stopping their attacks. They are back to taking down Trump.

We’re being ripped off by the deep state. We’re paying trillions of dollars for our military and putting both our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines at risk as well as putting our country in harm’s way. Roberts puts together some amazing information today. Click and read the links. What he’s saying isn’t opinion. The information is actually knowledge from many sources. This one is very sobering.

As in so many other countries, the internet and social media hinders the government’s ability to hide good news from the citizenry. As Vietnam evolves into a modern country the citizenry knows there are more and better things out there. Their communist government is unable to adapt and when under pressure from those calling for change they resort to the old communist methods of repression. The APEC meeting in Vietnam this week will stretch the government's patience immensely. Protestors will try hard to influence foreign leaders.

This is from a good friend who decided years ago that you’d never get the truth out of the media. So he became very fluent in lots of languages. He reads the media in its original language. If you only have time, watch the first one. It’s almost 30 minutes, so put some time aside. Here’s what he sent:
I am writing to you to draw your attention to two most interesting interviews of two of the most interesting women in Russia: Maria Zakharova, Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, and Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief the television news network RT and the international news agency Rossiya Segodnya. What is particularly interesting is that these interviews are intended for a Russian audience and both Zakharova and Simonyan speak with a candid directness which they would probably not exercise in an English-language interview for a foreign audience, primarily out of a sense of courtesy: they would say the very same things, yes, but in a much more diplomatic manner. This time, however, you can tell that both ladies speak their hearts and minds directly and with no attempts as hints or euphemisms. I think that this is exceptionally important as this shows the degree of disgust, contempt, amusement and bewilderment Russian officials today feel when the look at the fetid zoo US politics have become. I strongly recommend you watch both interviews in full.
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A large part (almost one third) of our federal government debt is owed to ourselves! The Social Security Trust Fund is one of them. Social Security for decades was a system that raised enough money to pay its bills. Recognizing that there were going to be less people paying into it than it needed to spend, the government raised the taxes on Social Security and put the “extra” amount collected into savings. Of course our politicians are thieves, so they “stole” the money to spend right away and issued the Social Security folks treasury bonds. So a lot of our debt is money that we already were taxed on....(1 comment)

The world is in debt to the tune of over $60 TRILLION! Of course that number goes up by the second. The internet is full of debt clocks, and you can watch the numbers go up second by second. We get to claim world leadership in debt with almost $21 TRILLION! I’m sure it’s surprise to learn that Japan is second with almost $12 TRILLION. Let that sink in for a moment…. The US and Japan account for over half of the worlds debt. There are actually five countries in the world with zero debt. (1 comment)

HUGE CAVEAT: This is satire. No claims to knowledge here! A little levity to make fun of some of the stupidity of our self proclaimed leaders. Nearly 8 years after a terrible wreck left a man unable to communicate, his power of speech has returned. George Bush was 62 when the mainstream media derailed his presidency, which resulted in him and his entire administration going off a cliff and tumbling to the ground. "For eight long years he didn't speak a word," said George's brother, Jeb Bush. Though his family continued to talk to him, they had no idea whether he understood them. That eased a few days ago, when he began responding to questions with grunts and by blinking his eyes.(1 comment)

This isn’t news. I’ve been saying this since the “red line” was first established by Obama over Syria. Ironically Saudi Arabia acknowledges that this attempt failed. The US is still meddling in Syria. What’s important for us is to recognize that the conservative media is finally reporting this. Obviously they liked the strategy, but now that it failed they want to report on it. I have no access to any special “intelligence”. I read about this effort in open source newspapers from Russia, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, Iran, etc.(1 comment)

In whatever hell Osama Bin Laden resides in right now, he’s reveling in the fact that he and his 11 followers have produced the biggest bang for the buck in the history of warfare. His group of followers, limited in numbers, armed with no sophisticated weapons of warfare dramatically changed the United States. We became an oppressive surveillance state. We’ve spent trillions of dollars. We’ve destroyed much of the Middle East and Africa. … (1 comment)