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Welcome to My Blog – Feel Free to Look Around

We live in an amazing time. There is more information available to the common person than at any time in history. The challenge today isn’t the availability of information. It’s the availability of knowledge. There was a time in America where the mainstream media was counted on to focus information into knowledge. That is no longer true.

I’ve always looked for news from outside the mainstream. Friends and family started asking me to share some of this information. This sharing turned into a small group of folks who got my “daily reading” emails. Things that I gleaned from national and international information sites. Things that I never saw in the US media, or if I did it was weeks later.

This blog is the extension of my daily reading lists.

Make sure to make the distinction between knowledge, opinion, and information!

Opinion: (mine, a foreign commentator, etc.). An editorial.

Information: Sometimes knowing what someone is saying is valuable to guessing what they are going to do. It may become “true” once history and other information becomes available.

Knowledge: Some of the knowledge will be background and reference information. Others are things that have been confirmed as true.

The biggest warning I can share for the readers of this blog (and every other source that you use to gain knowledge): If you don’t personally know it to be true, don’t believe it. Don’t make decisions based merely on information. Convert it to knowledge.