Daily Specials Explained

Here is what the Daily Specials Mean!

487 Mondays: As we see all of the protests and other civil unrest in America, it’s easy to think that it’s a groundswell of outrage. Knowledge takes us beyond that mere information!

Ever since the 2016 election, we’ve seen an increase in violence in America. The media would have you believe that this a country wide, groundswell of discontent. Many good folks are getting scared. Well, the good news is that the bad news is more “fake news”! I’ve been studying the violence and tracking it on a map. The map I’m using is the one that shows which counties Hillary won and which Trump won.

It’s happening in one of the 487 counties that Hillary Clinton won in 2016! The protesters know that they are breaking laws in a community where the local politicians and police are “protestor friendly”. Election Results Map for more info.

I wasn’t surprised to see that virtually 100% of these protests and violence was happening in one of the 487 counties that Hillary won! Other than the sheer logistics of being in those counties, I believe that the real reason for their doing these protests in 487 counties is because they own the entire political spectrum in those counties. The own the government, the police and the sheriff. They know that they can protest with little fear of being punished.

A regular weekly feature of this blog will be titled “487 Mondays”. We’ll be highlighting selected BS from the 487s.

Neo Tuesdays: Plenty of shenanigans from the Neo-Cons and Neo-Libs at the Federal level, but it also happens at the State and Local level too!.

Today, the dangerous “dead ideas” are neoconservatism and its close ally, neoliberalism. These are concepts that have organized American foreign policy and economics, respectively, over the past several decades – and they have failed miserably, at least from the perspective of average American and people of the nations on the receiving end of these ideologies.

We’ll be highlighting some of the more idiotic moves and sharing who really wins and looses every Tuesday.

Freedom Wednesdays: Electronic and other ways to get Freedom from the State.
When I was young, there were a lot of brands of gelatin flavored deserts. Jello was just one of them. Over time, Jello became the most popular, and to this day, the phrase “Jello” has become synonymous with all gelatin flavored deserts.

The same thing has happened with Google Search, Google Maps, Paypal, you name it.

Most of us think that they are the only ones. That’s not true!

There are a ton of alternatives, many of which are actually much better. We’re going to highlight electronic freedom alternatives every week in “Freedom Wednesday.”

Legal Thursdays: Court Rulings, Court Deliberations, Judges who are poster children for the Stalin Award.

We are all aware of Politicians at all levels working tirelessly to impinge on our freedoms. Ultimately where our freedoms are upheld or taken away is in our court systems.

We’ll be highlighting successes and failures of our court system weekly. Don’t forget, there are 487 states too!

Foreign Fridays: I love America and think all American’s should love it too. I don’t see Nationalism as a bad thing, either for us or foreign countries. It is interesting to see what other countries do internally and how that perspective influences how they see us.

This weekly feature will highlight some of the opinions and ideas coming from foreign countries.