At the end of the day, it appeared that Saudi is politically less stable than Lebanon, something that has hardly ever been the case in modern history, let alone at a time when one would assume it is Lebanon that is about to be plunged into new chaos, not the formerly predictable Wahhabi regime. This is a very good analysis of both the Saudi Arabia and Lebanon actions in the past few days. As is all too often the case in the Middle East, the US has its fingerprints all over it. The authors present some possible outcomes.(1 comment)

Free speech is one of the more misused concepts in America. Some of this is due to the fact that our government “Dewey Camps” have continued to dumb down the citizenry since the late 1950s. Other reasons include intentional confusion to advance the state’s causes. Hate speech is one of the more evil ways in which the state has conspired to confuse people over the notion of free speech.(1 comment)

Avakian is a communist in America from the “good old days” of protest. One of the original SDS (students for a democratic society) members and leaders, he’s been trying to stir up trouble for many decades. And he’s made a living at it and continues to do so. Like the SDS, he advocates action over words, and for all practical purposes, he can be called the inspiration for the Antifa movement. Reading this article it’s fun to see where his “supporters” don’t think he’s radical enough.

An interesting study. Protestations aside, they wanted to show that minorities were killed more by cops than whites. If you want to skip the study, the very last line sums it up: “While minorities were more likely to be stopped/arrested by police, the probability of being killed/injured during a stop/arrest did not vary by race.”

Despite the common beliefs, the vast majority of universities lose money on college sports. There are lots of sports options at universities. Women have more sports teams than men on average. Most schools don’t have teams for all of the possible NCAA sports. Big losers include wrestling, tennis, rifle, gymnastics and sking.

Homelessness is nothing new in the history of America. How the homeless and the governments handle it has changed throughout our history. These pictures and the story are interesting. Is it still possible to be an itinerant worker or entrepreneur in America? Towns arrest little kids for having lemonade stands.

I waited for a couple of days before I posted on this subject. The initial reports came out on sources that were famous for not always being 100% accurate and more interested in “flashy” news. Now that the truth is coming out, I don’t know what’s more troubling, the fact that an Army Officer is a traitor, of the fact that he got radicalized at West Point by a taxpayer-funded instructor.