I don’t think it should be against the law to “lie” to the FBI or any other law enforcement agency. If they can lie to us, it should be legal to lie to them. We’ve witnessed many people go to prison for lying. For almost three decades we’ve watched Hillary Clinton being investigated, all to no avail. Anyone who hasn’t paid attention to these investigations is stupid, particularly if they are a public figure. Her defenses over the years are perfect. “I don’t recall” should be the answer to every law enforcement inquiry. How can they argue that you do in fact “recall”? In 2017 it should be impossible for any thinking person to be charged with lying to the police.

I think I’ve been consistent on the “sex” scandals that seem to be gripping America. I break it down into three categories. First is forced sex. I include minors in this one, but I mean real physical force. It’s always wrong and there is no excuse. Second is adult sex where people willingly engage in it because they decide that the pros outnumber the cons. I put most workplace complaints in this category. Finally, I put government officials in a third category. If you want to pay for sex, do it with your own money, not the taxpayers money. Pam Anderson nails it in this interview.

Now we’re up to three major scandals. What is the difference between the three scandals? In Weistein’s case, it’s all allegations. So far it’s all he-said, she-said. In Moore’s case, it’s all allegations. So far it’s all he-said, she-said. In Franken’s case there is not only proof (two pictures) he also admits to doing it. Which one is getting the most press? It’s the swamp versus the anti-swamp, and the swamp is going all in.