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Al Sharpton Once Asked Vladimir Putin To Take Obama Horseback Riding

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In March of 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared on MSNBC with Reverend Al Sharpton to discuss the turmoil in Ukraine. Following is a transcript of that interview which originally aired on MSNBC’s, PoliticsNation.

AL SHARPTON: My guest tonight is the leader of the Soviet’s Union, Bladimir Putin. He joins us via satellite from the country of Russia. Welcome to my show, Mr. Leader.


SHARPTON: I should inform you upfront that since I’m host of my own news show on MSNBC I’m expectated to ask the tough questions. I’m also an African American man of color. Shall we proceed?

PUTIN: (nods)

SHARPTON: Mr. Leader, you are in the headlines on a daily basis. Last summer you rescued our commander of chiefs from a debarnacle in Cereal and recently you hosted the game of Olympics in your country. Now there is a Ukrainium outbreak of revolution in Clamitia and President Obama has sort of given you an ultramaiden. What say you?

PUTIN: If people in Ukraine have chlamydia it’s because they not use rubbers. Read more here.