If Trump really wanted to stick it to Elizabeth Warren, here’s who he’d nominate for CFPB Director

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Because of her Twitter fights with Donald Trump, much attention has been focused for the past year on Elizabeth Warren’s claim, while climbing the law school ladder to Harvard, to be Native American. I addressed this recently in It’s time for Elizabeth Warren to apologize for her Native American deception.

Warren’s claim to be Native American for employment purposes is not the only scandal that has surrounded her academic career. At ElizabethWarrenWiki.org we documented Warren’s Academic Research Controversies.

Warren rose to academic stardom on the basis of her consumer-related research and writings. It was her claim to fame both academically and in the popular press. Warren’s 2004 book, The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Parents are Going Broke, co-authored with her daughter, put Warren squarely on the public radar as a consumer protection hero.

Yet Warren’s academic research even before that book has come under withering criticism, as mentioned in our 2012 post, The Vetting of Elizabeth Warren’s Academic Background Begins. That post details a withering attack on Warren’s academic research by Professor Philip Shuchman in the 1990-1991 edition of the Rutgers Law Review Read more here.