Budapest and Warsaw Under Attack Because ‘Hungary and Poland are Standing in the Way of George Soros’

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The EU has some real problems right now. Most of them are of their own making. Everyone traded their sovereignty in for riches. When the riches didn’t come to the masses, regrets kicked in.

The Hungarian government says that conservative Central European countries — particularly their own and nearby Poland — are being attacked by the European Union because they are “standing in the way of George Soros”, the billionaire financier and open borders activist.

The Hungarians believe that EU officials — who have met with Soros at the highest level — have adopted the so-called ‘Soros Plan’ for mass immigration into Europe more or less wholesale, including recommendations to accept an influx of some one million migrants per year, and to redistribute them throughout the bloc through a mandatory quota scheme imposed by Qualified Majority Vote. Read more here.