Russia considering response to FBI probe into RT and Sputnik

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We know the deep state wants a cold war with Russia very badly. Cold wars make lots of money for some, no one dies, and the trillions of dollars we spend on the military never has to be used. I think that their efforts though assume that Russia is stupid. So far we’re losing.

As the ‘Russiagate’ narrative continues to flounder and consequently fall off the radar of American mainstream media, the FBI recently announced a probe into the multi-lingual Russian news organizations RT and Sputnik.

Sputnik and RT are just some of the many foreign owned media networks which operate offices in the United States, but unlike the BBC(UK state-owned), Al Jazeera (Qatari state-owned), Al Arabiya (Saudi state-owned) or the CBC (Canada state owned), only RT and Sputnik have been threatened by the FBI. Read more here.