Was the Saudi Purge an Act of Desperation or Salvation?

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What’s really going on in Saudi Arabia right now? To the average American who knows nothing about foreign affairs (and doesn’t really care), what’s going on right now, goes back to strategies used over and over again for decades in coordination with the US.

We’ve “used” the Saudis to manipulate the price of oil in attempt to “influence” foreign policy. It worked for decades. In 2014 it was tried one more time to punish Russia. It failed miserably for the Saudis, to the point where in the past few years they’ve had to dip into their reserves just to exist.

They’ve had to fight off foreign invasions from the north. They invaded Yemen and are losing. They lost in their efforts in Syria. They hate the idea that Iran could become the influential player in the region. And they are going broke.

Right now they are fighting for the future of their country. Read more here.

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